Free Google Courses With Certification- Know now where and how to do it!


Looking to study online? Know that there are free certified Google courses you can take today. There are several content from digital marketing, how to succeed on the internet and much more!

And not only that, by ending the video classes completely, Google offers a certificate that is worth gold in the job market. That is, it is very worth investing your time in these free Google certification courses. 


Knowing this, see below which courses Google offers and how to sign up for them!

How to take free Google courses?

Free Google Courses With Certification
Free Google Courses With Certification

The first step to take the free Google certification courses is to access the Google Digital Studio website . Then click on “find a course”! Once that’s done, you tap on sign up or login, it’s usually in the top right corner.

After making your account and logging in to Ateliê Digital, Google will redirect you to the home page, here you have two options: Click on “find courses” or scroll down and see the video classes that the platform suggests.

What courses does Google offer?

Google free courses with certificate offers various content according to your need, you can find practically everything and some have a free certificate. To find out what these courses are, continue reading this article.

1- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course is aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of digital marketing. Here you will find the main strategies in a simple way that anyone can understand, as long as they pay close attention and apply the content.

According to Google , the course has 26 modules, all of them created by highly trained professionals. In other words, this course is worth knowing!

2- How to bring your business to the internet

One of the best free courses on Google with certification for sure is this one. Basically what you will learn here and how to bring your company to the digital environment and have an even greater scale in sales with the help of the internet.

This course is essential for those who have small/medium businesses, as those who are not in this environment will certainly be left behind and as a result may lose several sales. The course lasts only 3 hours with 3 modules!

3- Learn to find a new job

Perhaps this is one of the most frequent doubts of those who are unemployed. But to help these people, Google has a free course with essential tips for finding a new service. Among these tips are: How to put together a resume or an eye-catching cover letter.

The cool thing about this course is that you can finish it in just 1 hour, so you can put everything you learned into practice on the same day.

4- Public speaking

Lasting 1 hour and 1 module, the course teaches users some body language techniques you should do when speaking in public.

5- How to set up an online store

Many people dream of having an online store, but most do not know where to start. This is where free certified Google courses can help these people! According to the marketup website , in this E – commerce course you learn how to set up your virtual store and sell your products on the internet!

6- The secret to being productive

Knowing how to optimize your time is very important, especially for those who work at home office. Knowing this, Google created a course on productivity! You will learn how to divide your tasks at work, prioritizing the most important and delegating others.

The course is only 1 hour long divided into 1 module! In addition, all the content is transmitted in the form of a video, making it easier for the user to understand.

7-  Google Analytics

The free Google Analytics course is aimed at those users who do not have knowledge of the tool. Video classes teach you how to create an account, track data, analyze simple data about the target audience. 

In addition, the course is divided into 4 modules: Introduction to Analytics, interface, basic reports and finally campaign tracking. For those who have a blog but do not know how to use this platform, it is recommended to take this course.

8- How to keep your company’s privacy online

For those who have an online business, it is essential to have security to avoid data leaks or hacker attacks. In this course you will learn the principles of online safety, by following these tips you will protect yourself against evil people.

How to get Google certificate?

When you finish all the modules of the chosen course, you will have to answer some questionnaires, if you get an assertiveness of 80%, Google will send the certificate to your email. Remember, you can take this quiz multiple times.

Anyway, these were some of Google’s free courses with certification! Choose one or more that interest you and start watching the video lessons, and remember to put what you learned into practice.


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