Here Are The 10 Best HBO Max Movies. Check Here!


What are the best HBO Max movies? If you have this doubt, don’t worry, because movies and what’s not missing on this platform. It has something for all tastes, from horror, comedy, superheroes, among others. 

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With that in mind, we’ve made a list of the top HBO Max movies! I’m sure you will like at least one of the works cited in this text. Come on?


What are the main HBO Max movies?

Aqui Estão Os 10 Melhores Filmes HBO Max. Confira Aqui! (1)

Conjuring Evil 2

The Conjuring is one of the best horror franchises for those who enjoy these styles of works. The film is a bit like its predecessor, you will see the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating a supernatural case that haunts a family.

The franchise is available in the HBO Max catalog, so don’t waste time and go watch it today! It’s so worth it. The film still has the cast of Sterling Jerins, Lauren Sposito and Patrick Wilson! 

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Released in October 2019, Joker is a work of psychological horror that follows Batman’s main enemy, the Joker. According to the BBC, the film was a real hit with audiences, so much so that Joker sold over 2.8 billion at the box office !

Thus becoming one of the films that most profited at the box office! The film tells a possible origin of the character, but without any connection with the works already released.

The success of Joker is undoubtedly caused by the beautiful performance of Joaquin Phoenix, the actor gave a real show playing the joker! The character’s madness is scary, but it holds your attention! 

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The illuminated

Following our list, we have one of the best horror movies on HBO max, The Shining. This work is based on a book by author Stephen King, but some elements of the film do not resemble the original work.

The plot begins when the Torrance family will spend the winter in a hotel, they must take care of the place until the cold ends, because at this time of year the place is closed.

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Over the course of the story, some paranormal situations cause Jack Torrence to do horrendous things to his own family. This is that movie you should watch at least once in your life, but here’s a tip.. Don’t watch the Shining alone lol!


If you like a work of science fiction, Gravity is sure to please you! An astronaut and an engineer leave for a mission in space, everything seems to be fine until something happens, they are hit by a very fast space object.

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From here everything starts to get very tense, they lose communication with the earth and they need to find a way to get back to their planet as safe as possible.

The film also features guest appearances from Ed Harris (Top Gun: Maverick) and Sandra Bullock (Bird Box). In short, a great movie to watch! 

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Interview with a Vampire

For those who like vampire stories, Interview with a Vampire is perfect for you! This movie shows the story of 3 creatures that lived in different times.

This whole story is told from one of the 3 vampires, he is interviewed by a journalist who believes his story to be real. What draws attention here is that this movie was released in 1994, but it’s still very current! 

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This plot is among the top HBO max movies, so don’t waste time and watch Interview with a Vampire today.

What’s good about HBO Max?

A star is born

A Star is Born , or in Portuguese , a Star is Born , tells the story of a very famous singer who is going through a delicate moment in his career. He falls in love with a waitress, but the musical star realizes that the waitress has a lot of talent.

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From here the plot follows Ally’s (the waitress) dream of becoming a singer, she will have the support of Jackson Maine (the singer) to achieve her goal of being a singer.

The film was a real success in the year it was released, to give you an idea the short made a profit of 400 million dollars. In addition, it received 8 Oscar nominations.

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And not only that, one of the songs in the film was an unshakable success, Shallon had 1 billion views on Youtube and even received Grammy nominations. That is, the film was very successful at the time it was released.


Are you looking for the best HBO Max movies? Well, Shazam is a perfect choice! The story follows Billy Batson, a 14-year-old teenager who gained superpowers from a wizard he found unexpectedly.

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When Billy Batson says “Shazam”, he immediately transforms into someone else! With muscles, powers and an adult appearance. What was supposed to be something cool turns into danger, Billy Batson has to face very dangerous villains! 

Shazam is that kind of plot that mixes comedy and of course a little suspense, which ends up making it one of the best action movies on HBO max! 

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Cursed forest

According to the website Secrets do Mundo , in the story of the Cursed Forest we accompany Sara Price when she learns that her sister has mysteriously disappeared in a haunted place.

Sara Price decides to look for her missing sister, what she doesn’t know is that the place her sister disappeared is called Aokigahara, Japan. This place is called the suicide forest, that’s because a lot of people kill themselves in this place! 

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Between moments of suspense, Sara will face spirits and souls wandering in this forest and of course her sister. This movie is very good, but I don’t recommend watching it alone!

HBO Max best series and movies

Mad Max: Fury Road 

Mad Max is considered one of the best Hbo Max thriller movies, the reason is pretty clear! The film shows some people trying to escape from a very bloodthirsty group.

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And all this happening in a desert! Mad Max is that kind of movie that makes you not take your eyes off the screen for a second, suspenseful scenes and what’s not lacking here. Perfect for those who like a lot of action! 


Veneno is an 8-episode miniseries that chronicles the life of transsexual actress Christina Ortiz Rodríguez, Christina was known as La Veneno! The miniseries addresses facts about the actress’s personality, which was a phenomenon among Spain’s LGBTQIA! 

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Birds of prey

If you are a fan of the character Harley Quinn this movie is for you! After separating from the joker, Harley Quinn joins up with other DC characters to save a little girl.

She was kidnapped by a criminal called Black Mask, the film has the cast of Margot Robbie, Jurnee Smollett among other actors! The soundtrack was by singers Normani and Megan The Stallion with Diamonds and Doja Cat with Boss Bitch!

House Of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon and a Game Of The Dragon Spin-Off, the series takes place about 300 years before the events of GOT. 

In the series we follow the story of the Targaryens, direct ancestors of Princess Daenerys! The Dragon House will only have 10 episodes in its first season, 5 of which are already on HBO Max. 


Released in 2021 and cast by Zendaya (Euphoria) and Dave Bautista (007 against Specter), Dune is one of the best HBO Max movies. In the film, we meet Paul, a boy who travels to a very dangerous planet for his family and people to be saved! 

What are the best movies of 2022?

Dog attack

Attack of the Dogs is a film inspired by the book The Power of the Dog, the film takes place in the 20’s in a small town in the United States. Two brothers meet a wife and son at a restaurant. 

One of the brothers named George tries to approach the woman and soon the two are married. After that, the problems between Phil and Peter start! Old problems and mysteries have surfaced to make an already difficult situation even worse! 

Don’t look up

A film that ironically addresses the end of the world, two scientists discover that a gigantic meteor is heading towards Earth. 

According to the blog Cultura Genial , a moment of fear and despair, scientists try to warn people what’s coming and guess what?

They were mocked and considered crazy. At the end of the movie everyone dies ! This movie is a critique of our current society, where money and greed are more important than the lives of millions of innocent people!

Those were the best HBO Max movies !


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